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Monday, 12 March 2012

London Fashion Weekend!!!

It is that time of year again when the beautiful people crawl out of the coolest nightclubs and into our limelight, the time of year when you wait with baited breath to find out about the new beauty ritual and the time of year to figure out which “it” outfit to choose for this upcoming season. Yes, it is a lot of work, but its London Fashion Week, this work is fun. Trust me.

The anticipation before the show starts!!!!
Trust me? Why? Well this year I actually went. Okay, not to the full fashion week; as much as I wish, I am not a fashion buyer/socialite; but as a member of the public I am allowed into Somerset House at the weekend to the next best thing- London Fashion Weekend. This is an event that comes with a Catwalk, designer stores at 70% off, a Holly Fulton designed show bag filled with beauty goodies and many talks from the industries finest such as Georgia Collins, deputy beauty editor of Elle Magazine and Premier Models.

Prim Rose Chic
Bubbly, funny and dressed in this season metallic, Zoe Hardman presented the catwalk show. This show displayed two of spring/summer trends for the season, Prim Rose- the 50’s inspired and pastel girly wear- and Game On- the athletic chic, where its cool to wear heels with your shorts. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what about the finest fashions for this Autumn/Winter. Well, there was a quick taster of what is to come with designers Antipodium and Jasper Conran’s collections.

And if you think this wasn’t excitement enough for a fashion lover like me, there was literally fashion royalty in the crowd- Hillary Alexander- who made an inspirational speech reminding us all to wear what we are comfortable in and that we should not simply conform.

Now, the stores were to die for. You could've got a hair cut from Tony and Guy at an amazingly discounted price, your eyebrows done at the Benefit counter and Westwood clothes at 70% off. If I were rich, I know where I’d buy my clothes. 

Not just female fashion!
The stores, however, weren’t just aimed at women; there was a man section too- always a bonus for customers like me who has dragged along their other half! This section must have been good too because he didn’t complain once and trust me, I was there ALL day. 

A good thing too because if I hadn’t stayed there longer I wouldn’t have got to meet one of my Idols- Georgia Collins- who gave a talk on behalf of Elle Magazine (aka. the Bible) about the new beauty trends for this season. I would attempt to recite this talk back to you now but frankly it deserves an article in its own right.

And finally, I must tell you about the show bag: designed by Holly Fulton it was infested with great beauty buys, such as Elizabeth Arden’s infamous eight hour cream, Label M protein spray, Impress fake nails, a Tony and Guy gift card, Kleenex eye make-up remover wipes and a bar of Galaxy chocolate. Taking this bag home was the perfect way to take back a bit of my experience. It is safe to say I am now going to be a regular at this event, I hope to see you there next year.

Jasper Conran, A/W Collections