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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Style on Campus

Once again, I present the stylish on campus, and an honorary member from the vintage shop Closet!

Don't forget AUFS Vintage Fashion Show Thursday at Tunnels, with clothes from Haggard Case, Hear Art and Closet! 

Cate Brazendale
Cate is wearing Asos and a scarf from Attic. She prefers simple pieces and is inspired by her friends. Her style is constantly changing. She would never wear a woolly poncho!

Lauren Mackay
Lauren stresses that clothes should be comfortable and usually wears skinny jeans and a baggy top. She rarely buys new clothes, but when she does she shops vintage at Closet, where she also works. She would never wear a football strip!

Shelly Lockhart
Shelly would describe her style as Kate Middletonish, with a hint of glamour. She loves Zara and Topshop, and watching Made in Chelsea. Shelly would never wear Timberland or Ugg boots.  

Deividas Kvedaras
It's Deividas' 21st birthday so he dressed in a blazer. He prefers to dress smart most days and he is proud of his beard.  

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crazy about Haggard Case!

Calling all vintage lovers in Aberdeen! If you want to find a place with more hipsters than granite, this is the event for you. We're talking about the Haggard Case vintage pop-up shop, which appears every first Wednesday of the month in The Atheneum from 8pm till whenever the last Agyness Deyn can stand. What endangers every shoppers' standing however, are the infamous, cheap Mojitos, an irresistible purchase in itself. With the mixture of cocktails and quirky clothing, the atmosphere in this event is always at an all time high. From Levis shorts to sequin jackets, even your plain Jane would go weak at the knees.

This magnificent event was created by an Aberdeen University student Cameron Attfield. With university work and an actual job, how did he manage to create a business on the side? Well, he was bored. During the summer of 2011, Cameron started working on an idea to start an online vintage shop that would host Avon-like parties, where friends could come and buy the cream of the crop items of clothing that were hand-picked by Cameron himself. This idea leapt up, and grew arms and legs until in September of 2011, The Atheneum gave him a venue to host his party. Armed with a “Haggard Case” full of vintage clothing in the one hand and his guts in the other, the night was a success to say the least, and that propelled him to continue on into 2012.

Personally, we think his idea is ingenuous, as he has no competition in Aberdeen, with one vintage shop that sells both men's and women's clothing. Therefore he brings a fresh vibe to the Aberdeen fashion scene. Since the start of the year Edinburgh has also fallen under Haggard Case's spell, and St. Andrews is next in line. And if this isn't enough to get your style vibes pumping, this year Haggard Case is venturing into jewellery and accessories. So if going full out in a Vintage dress isn't your style why not attempt a broach, or a ring? Personally, we know we will be decked in the stuff as we just cant get enough. Cameron Attfield, we salute you!

Haggard Case's spring and summer stock, along with a new range of vintage boutique items will be on show at the Fashion Society's Fashion Show on the 17th of May. What better way to get inspired than to see the clothes on the catwalk!  

Photos Haggard Case and Heta Mattila