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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Style on Campus

Once again, I present the stylish on campus, and an honorary member from the vintage shop Closet!

Don't forget AUFS Vintage Fashion Show Thursday at Tunnels, with clothes from Haggard Case, Hear Art and Closet! 

Cate Brazendale
Cate is wearing Asos and a scarf from Attic. She prefers simple pieces and is inspired by her friends. Her style is constantly changing. She would never wear a woolly poncho!

Lauren Mackay
Lauren stresses that clothes should be comfortable and usually wears skinny jeans and a baggy top. She rarely buys new clothes, but when she does she shops vintage at Closet, where she also works. She would never wear a football strip!

Shelly Lockhart
Shelly would describe her style as Kate Middletonish, with a hint of glamour. She loves Zara and Topshop, and watching Made in Chelsea. Shelly would never wear Timberland or Ugg boots.  

Deividas Kvedaras
It's Deividas' 21st birthday so he dressed in a blazer. He prefers to dress smart most days and he is proud of his beard.  

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