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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More For Men!

Why is it that a stylish man is almost a taboo? If you are one, you're not supposed to flaunt it, someone might think you're gay, for christ sake. If you are not one, you're a proper lad. Many guys either take the piss out of themselves or get the piss taken out of them for caring about their appearance. And by stylish, I don't mean ill fitting suits on lads nights out. Choosing to dress a bit differently is okay for girls, but frowned upon for guys. 

It's not all bad though! Men are getting more attention on the catwalks, as well as on the streets. It's no longer just pretty girls in quirky clothes, guys are finally getting their spotlight back. The idea of mens wear being boring is history, since there are so many different styles to go for and so many different options for a suit. The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman is a genius when it comes to picking apart an outfit and its details. For a classic, simple style, he's your man. For a more younger look, I'd recommend blogs like The Urban Gentleman and Grungy Gentleman. Usually the best styles are on the streets though, and Street Peeper and The Style Scout are the original street style blogs. 

I get most of my inspiration from men and the air that they carry themselves. I wish I was as cool as Bradley Soileau or Michael Pitt! Alas, the hottest of the hottest: 

Photos via Prada, Hel-Looks, The Locals, Street Peeper, Tumblr

Monday, 20 February 2012

And the jokes on everyone!

Without any effort the miracle has happened.
It required not a single piece of  thought, or any great scheming and planning.
It just happened.
It is clear sign of the fact that when you do your thing it will be rewarded, even if you would not really care.
I have been doing my thing for years and now I get to laugh…just a bit.
What I am talking about?
The fact that colours and all kinds of crazy patterns are now, for a while at least, in fashion.
And what does it mean to me.
It means that all my funky colours and my crazy prints, that have made my friends laugh for years, are by an accident fashionable!
This suits perfectly to the random fact that I write to the fashion society’s blog.
I would never use the following in a blog text but this accidental hilariousness of the situation demands it.
I can not say anything else than -

Here are some examples of what is coming, so prepare for headaches from the craziest colour combinations ever.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Nightmare for the Horrorphobic

For a person who actually was horrified watching a bad, BAD, horror film such as The Signs The Woman in Black (dir. James Watkins) was an experience beyond grave, quite literally. Horror film, most notified for being the first role of Daniel Radcliffe after his decade as the boy who survived, also known as Harry Potter. The film, based on a horror novel by Susan Hill, raises the hair in your neck up and keeps it so until the end of the 95 minutes of pure mentally horrifying pleasure.

The beauty in the film hides in the way the film uses old tricks. The hand that hits the window, or the face that suddenly appears out of nowhere are known, old, horror tricks that still work perfectly.From the first seconds the film makes the spectators, at least the wimpy ones like me, raise their knees near their chests and place their hands so close to their face that they can barely even see the opening lines. The tension from there onwards keeps going like a rollercoaster so the spectator does not have a second to just take a deep breath and admire the view. The film definately does what it is meant to do- makes you jump around and throw your popcorns to the air more than once.

Even if you would be a horror film lover, a proper “tough guy” this is a film worth checking out. The film is wisely done so you are never too scared but lowering the fingers that cover your eyes might be a false move. The horror will not leave you terrified after the film, but your heart will definately be racing like after running a marathon, if not even faster. And have to be said, surprisingly enough, Daniel Radcliffe does a good job in this film, which makes it even more worth seeing.


There is an interesting difference between Finland and Scotland. You go into a post office in Finland - you see twenty women( hypothetical situation, there are also men in Finland). Out of those twenty about 90% (yes I am not lying) have short hair. These women vary from ages 15 to 85. In Scotland you go to a post office and the prosentages are the opposite. Which created the basis for my hairdilemma when I moved here.

When I first moved here I had extremely short hair. Close to the length that Michelle Williams favours. So with short I mean short. But after a year and a half my hair length has started to resemble more of the one of Katy Perry's bob. This is just a result of the fact I needed a change. I have had hair as short as most of the boys for the last 5 years, so it was time for it.

Through the past year I have become more of an girly girl (you have no idea how admitting this makes me want to puke)- so the hair suits my personality. And I love it. Still though, sometimes, I realise myself admiring the girls with short hair. Girls who still enjoy their hair. Because to me short hair represents personality. And honestly, who does not think Emma Watson looks gorgeous in her "new" hair!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vintage Crawl

When discussing the conscious shopping scene of Aberdeen, many have lost faith in finding good quality, authentic charity and vintage shops. Compared to Glasgow or Edinburgh, Aberdeen is a small-time provider in the hugely popular vintage trend. Nevertheless, Aberdeen has some hope yet! The Aberdeen University Fashion Society scoped out the best charity and vintage shopping this small city of ours has to offer, and be sure, no one left empty handed.

Aberdeen has two vintage shops dedicated solely to selling good quality clothing from the most fashionable decades. The Closet, just around the corner from Aberdeen College, is a treasure chest of a shop filled with sequins, fur, denim, leather and everything a girl could ask for. Whatever the occasion The Closet has something to offer. Focusing more on vintage evening wear with Vivienne Westwood bodices and 80s sequin dresses, this shop is the real thing. Buying vintage can be tough on a student's wallet though, so The Closet can rent out outfits that might be more 'out there', picture a rail packed with chiffon gowns and 70s disco outfits.

Stepping aside from the glitter and glam, RetroSpect, just down the road from The Closet, sells more down to earth fashion for both sexes. Stepping into RetroSpect is like stepping into the 1980s. The first thing you see are multicolored Hawaii shirts and paisley print dresses. After the explosion of prints, the eye adjusts to the leather and denim jackets, cowboy boots and the oh so 80s knick-knacks. Add the background tunes, and shopping in this store is a real experience you can't find on Union Street.

If Aberdeen's two vintage shops are not enough, many charity shops have great vintage sections with extremely affordable prices, Take 2 and Rosemount Cancer Research just to name a few. Also don't forget the local vintage shops that work online, such as Once Upon A Time and Haggard Case. Don't succumb to the fast paced high street culture, but take a few minutes and visit the authentic time capsules of Aberdeen. If the clothes don't fit, even the chat is worth it!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

If Shame was a film students wet dream, this is close to a mental orgasm

Last week me and my friend decided to go and see the new silent film, The Artist, directed by Michel Hazanavicius. I had read earlier in magazines that in the US, the silence had caused a hazzle as the people wanted to see a film with sound. In all honesty I have no idea what these people were complaining about. The film was so close to perfection that it made me want to cry out of joy.

The Artist is what happends when Citizen Kane and Singin’ in the Rain spend a crazy, wild night and end up having a baby. The story portraying the glorious days of the early silent Hollywood is mesmerising to watch. Clear intentional similarities to the famous shots of Citizen Kane and the obvious connection to Singin’ in the Rain makes the film a delightful experience for a film student. And everyone else. The expressions on the faces of the actors combined with the rapidly changing music makes the silence unnoticeable. The music, the sets and the expressions make you want to see everything in black and white, so you could feel that glamour.

As a film, the Artist is a combination of everything that is good in cinema. The actors and actresses do their jobs as close to perfection as possible. The music makes your mood change from happy to terrified in just seconds. And the plot that combines it all, but does not bring anything too dramatically new to the table while still keeping it fresh. The Artist should be printed on everyones latest cinema ticket, and have to say, if nothing else appeals, there is a damn cute dog in the film. If nothing else interests you, go at least for the dog, but hopefully also for the amazing film experience.

It is not in any way obvious that I loved the film….

Friday, 3 February 2012

Mood Swings

I'm having an identity crisis.

Phew, that wasn't too hard to admit.. I envy people with a clear style that they apply to every occasion without looking dull or predictable. How do they do it?! I wake up one day and dress like Marla Singer from Fight Club, without the suicidal tendencies, and the next day I'm vibing old Hollywood glam. This all too much to handle!  If there are others suffering from this ungodly affliction, hit me up and we'll start a peer support group. 

Then again, even though my wardrobe looks like it's schizophrenic, I get to reinvent myself everyday. A bit of humor is never bad, is it? Here is a sneak peak into my crazed mind.

Don't smoke kids! 

Photos via Tumblr.