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Friday, 10 February 2012

Nightmare for the Horrorphobic

For a person who actually was horrified watching a bad, BAD, horror film such as The Signs The Woman in Black (dir. James Watkins) was an experience beyond grave, quite literally. Horror film, most notified for being the first role of Daniel Radcliffe after his decade as the boy who survived, also known as Harry Potter. The film, based on a horror novel by Susan Hill, raises the hair in your neck up and keeps it so until the end of the 95 minutes of pure mentally horrifying pleasure.

The beauty in the film hides in the way the film uses old tricks. The hand that hits the window, or the face that suddenly appears out of nowhere are known, old, horror tricks that still work perfectly.From the first seconds the film makes the spectators, at least the wimpy ones like me, raise their knees near their chests and place their hands so close to their face that they can barely even see the opening lines. The tension from there onwards keeps going like a rollercoaster so the spectator does not have a second to just take a deep breath and admire the view. The film definately does what it is meant to do- makes you jump around and throw your popcorns to the air more than once.

Even if you would be a horror film lover, a proper “tough guy” this is a film worth checking out. The film is wisely done so you are never too scared but lowering the fingers that cover your eyes might be a false move. The horror will not leave you terrified after the film, but your heart will definately be racing like after running a marathon, if not even faster. And have to be said, surprisingly enough, Daniel Radcliffe does a good job in this film, which makes it even more worth seeing.

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