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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More For Men!

Why is it that a stylish man is almost a taboo? If you are one, you're not supposed to flaunt it, someone might think you're gay, for christ sake. If you are not one, you're a proper lad. Many guys either take the piss out of themselves or get the piss taken out of them for caring about their appearance. And by stylish, I don't mean ill fitting suits on lads nights out. Choosing to dress a bit differently is okay for girls, but frowned upon for guys. 

It's not all bad though! Men are getting more attention on the catwalks, as well as on the streets. It's no longer just pretty girls in quirky clothes, guys are finally getting their spotlight back. The idea of mens wear being boring is history, since there are so many different styles to go for and so many different options for a suit. The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman is a genius when it comes to picking apart an outfit and its details. For a classic, simple style, he's your man. For a more younger look, I'd recommend blogs like The Urban Gentleman and Grungy Gentleman. Usually the best styles are on the streets though, and Street Peeper and The Style Scout are the original street style blogs. 

I get most of my inspiration from men and the air that they carry themselves. I wish I was as cool as Bradley Soileau or Michael Pitt! Alas, the hottest of the hottest: 

Photos via Prada, Hel-Looks, The Locals, Street Peeper, Tumblr

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