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Friday, 10 February 2012


There is an interesting difference between Finland and Scotland. You go into a post office in Finland - you see twenty women( hypothetical situation, there are also men in Finland). Out of those twenty about 90% (yes I am not lying) have short hair. These women vary from ages 15 to 85. In Scotland you go to a post office and the prosentages are the opposite. Which created the basis for my hairdilemma when I moved here.

When I first moved here I had extremely short hair. Close to the length that Michelle Williams favours. So with short I mean short. But after a year and a half my hair length has started to resemble more of the one of Katy Perry's bob. This is just a result of the fact I needed a change. I have had hair as short as most of the boys for the last 5 years, so it was time for it.

Through the past year I have become more of an girly girl (you have no idea how admitting this makes me want to puke)- so the hair suits my personality. And I love it. Still though, sometimes, I realise myself admiring the girls with short hair. Girls who still enjoy their hair. Because to me short hair represents personality. And honestly, who does not think Emma Watson looks gorgeous in her "new" hair!

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