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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vintage Crawl

When discussing the conscious shopping scene of Aberdeen, many have lost faith in finding good quality, authentic charity and vintage shops. Compared to Glasgow or Edinburgh, Aberdeen is a small-time provider in the hugely popular vintage trend. Nevertheless, Aberdeen has some hope yet! The Aberdeen University Fashion Society scoped out the best charity and vintage shopping this small city of ours has to offer, and be sure, no one left empty handed.

Aberdeen has two vintage shops dedicated solely to selling good quality clothing from the most fashionable decades. The Closet, just around the corner from Aberdeen College, is a treasure chest of a shop filled with sequins, fur, denim, leather and everything a girl could ask for. Whatever the occasion The Closet has something to offer. Focusing more on vintage evening wear with Vivienne Westwood bodices and 80s sequin dresses, this shop is the real thing. Buying vintage can be tough on a student's wallet though, so The Closet can rent out outfits that might be more 'out there', picture a rail packed with chiffon gowns and 70s disco outfits.

Stepping aside from the glitter and glam, RetroSpect, just down the road from The Closet, sells more down to earth fashion for both sexes. Stepping into RetroSpect is like stepping into the 1980s. The first thing you see are multicolored Hawaii shirts and paisley print dresses. After the explosion of prints, the eye adjusts to the leather and denim jackets, cowboy boots and the oh so 80s knick-knacks. Add the background tunes, and shopping in this store is a real experience you can't find on Union Street.

If Aberdeen's two vintage shops are not enough, many charity shops have great vintage sections with extremely affordable prices, Take 2 and Rosemount Cancer Research just to name a few. Also don't forget the local vintage shops that work online, such as Once Upon A Time and Haggard Case. Don't succumb to the fast paced high street culture, but take a few minutes and visit the authentic time capsules of Aberdeen. If the clothes don't fit, even the chat is worth it!


  1. thanks again to you guys for introducing me to the closet! :)

  2. Hey guys! Was nice meeting you's all the other night at Anna's vintage event, sorry if I wasn't that much chat my voice was completely going:( But I am very keen to get involved with the events you have planned! If you's are interested in a vintage section for the fashion show I am sure I could supply some pieces from Cancer Research aswell so please feel free to give me a shout :)

    Hollie xoxo