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Friday, 23 December 2011

Early Christmas presents for Moi

My parents are hippies, they don't believe in consumerism and all that crap. That means no Christmas presents, boo! Actually, it's a very good thing since I don't have to fake liking something they took extra effort in getting me. And I don't feel bad treating myself to a little something. So this year Santa brought me an amazing new hair dye that is completely commitment free.

Kevin Murphys Color Bug is my new love. It comes in three colors, pink, purple and orange. I got the purple. It resembles an eyeshadow, a hard powdery substance that you rub in your hair. First put some leave in conditioner, wax, dry shampoo, hair spray, whatever you use in your hair and then rub in the color for that staying power. For a lighter shade, use leave in conditioner, and for darker, hair wax is the best. Then just wash your hair and the dye comes out. As simple as that. Blondes might have more trouble getting the color out, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of washes to return to your real shade. Look out for that lavender haired weirdo out and about in Aberdeen in January.

 Photos via Kevin Murphy and Tumblr

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