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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Candy floss and mint

It's spring, even though mother nature does not seem to agree, and pastel colours are dominating the high street. While everyone else is embracing the long awaited return of colours, I try not to suffer from a migraine attack every time I walk into a clothes shop. I guess I'm just not made for summer. Eventually I found a way to brighten up my gloomy wardrobe, and decided to dye my hair. The pastel colours I refuse to wear on my clothes, I wear on my head, whether it is candy floss, lavender or baby blue. This hair revolution started last year with the dip dye trend that provoked opinions of all sorts, some thought it was original and unique, others found it messy and odd. While still trending the dip dye look, it's now popular to dye your whole head, be it with a single shade or the whole rainbow. Resurfacing from the 90s, pastel hair isn't a new phenomena. Celebrities, beyond Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, as well as real-life girls are spotted with this trend, instantly unleashing the sunshine. And why only let girls have all the fun, a baby pink or blue will not make a man any less manly.

To ease yourself into the world of pastel hair, start out with a candy floss or lavender toner that lasts a couple of weeks, and then decide whether to commit or not. Unfortunately, for dark tresses bleach is a must before any light colour will stick. For the fearless, try a turquoise or blue dye, or mix a few together. Instant new summery look guaranteed! I'm considering mint next.

Photos via Tumblr and Fashion Grunge blog

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