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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bargain hunting

AUFS is growing strong! With loads of new members, this year will be better than ever. To start off, this is a blog entry by Annie Hughes. Enjoy!

Having just become a fresher at the University of Aberdeen I'm starting to realise that my love for shopping may have to be put on hold for the next couple of months. Having the likes of Topshop and River Island right outside my door is already proving difficult to resist and putting a serious dent into my freshers budget. So, I think I’m going to have a crack at the charity shops...

This fills me with dread. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vintage clothing - a worn out denim jacket I picked up at a small charity shop back in Northumberland being my staple piece of clothing along with a gorgeous printed scarf that I got in a village yard sale for just a pound. However, even though I’ve picked up some pieces they have been few and far between - it's always other people that find great little buys, never me.
For example my friend, who seems to have a knack for picking up brilliant pieces for small prices, has picked up a vintage wool jumper with fair isle patterns across the front and a faux fur jacket which I envy every time I see her wear it (both costing a bargain 10 pounds.)

I will try harder though. Dragging myself away from the safety net that is Topshop into the unknown charity shop jungle is my first hurdle to cross. After all, Freshers week is a time to step out of the comfort zone that was High School and try new and exciting things. Whether it be talking to a complete stranger or just simply venturing into a charity shop on the hut for the perfect woolly jumper.



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